How To Wear A Watch Fake With A Suit

How To Wear A Watch Fake With A Suit

A perfect watch is one of a person’s ultimate accessories. Knowing the rules of watch-wearing will help you avoid making faux-pas, and these rules apply to watches that are expensive, inexpensive, replica,casual and formal alike. Try and match the watch fake you wear to the activity you’re involved in each day. Today let’s talk about how to wear a watch with a suit.

The Position Of The Watch On The Wrist

Left hand or right hand? You should be wearing a watch fake on the wrist opposite of your dominant hand for practical reasons. Right-handed, the watch is worn on the left wrist. Left-handed, the watch is worn on the right wrist.

Underneath Your Cuff. You should choose a watch with a thin face, then the watch should sit just underneath your cuff. Only when your arm is bent, your watch should be visible. When your hand in your pocket, you can see about half then your watch. And it should sit at the tip of your wrist bone.

Simple Function

As much as we all love complication watches, complication watches are not only thick, but they also tend to throw very formal events out of focus. It’s actually not good that your friend keeps staring at his watch. However, complications such as moon phases, annual calendars, dual time zones, etc. are fine if they appear on a watch alone, while common chronographs are less appropriate.

Pure Color

Another important point is the choice of color. As far as color is concerned, there are at least two things to note, one is the dial color and one is the strap color. It is best to choose a dial with a lighter colour, such as white or silver. Also, the color of the dial is preferably not the dark color of the suit.

The choice of strap colors is relatively small, mainly black and brown leather straps. According to one of the more common fashion rules, all leather accessories on the body, including shoes, belts, wallets, etc., should in principle be paired in a uniform color, and leather straps are certainly no exception.

Here are some straightforward pairing suggestions.

  • Black Suit-A watch fake that features a black leather strap and a simple face.
  • Gray Suit– A leather strap and silver dial is an infallible choice of timepiece in this situation.
  • Brown & Tan Suits-Warmer tones such as gold, tan and leather bode well with brown or tan suits. You will not go wrong with a leather strap, silver strap or crocodile strap.
  • Navy Suit-A watch fake with a simple navy blue dial face is an understated but subtle choice.

Historically, wearing a watch is considered impolite. but the rules have softened, everyone should wear a suit with a correct dress watch. Any occasion that calls for a suit also requires meticulous attention to detail, but the most important detail lies on your wrist. The right watch to match your suit provides an undeniable amount of elegance, sophistication and class.