When you’re shopping for a replica watch, you will see the term “quartz” quite a bit. There are different types of movements in wristwatches, but the two you see the most are mechanical and quartz. The two terms are confusing and many people don’t understand the distinction between the two movements.

This is mainly due to the simple fact that they are unaware of just what exactly makes a quartz watch tick, so to speak. Luckily, the reasons why a quartz replica watch makes a great timepiece is pretty easy to explain in a language that is quite understandable to anyone. The bottom line is, a quartz watch is just more consistent when it comes to keeping time in comparison to a mechanical watch under the same exact conditions. Simply put, quartz watches are more predictable than mechanical watches.

All watches will tend to lose accuracy over a period of time, with the exception of an atomic watch that coordinates with the main atomic clock in Colorado via radio signals and resets itself. Mechanical and quartz watches will rely on you to notice when they start slowing and normally this is due to a battery losing power.

Most replica watch batteries are good for two to three years of constant use, towards the end of the life of the battery, you may notice your watch suddenly losing time. Normally, a new battery will have your timepiece running like new. A quartz replica watch makes a great timepiece. They are accurate, reliable and durable. If you’re in the market for a new watch that will accurately keep time, a quartz replica watch will be just what the doctor ordered.