Rolex Ladies Datejust Mother of Pearl Dial Ruby Markers 18k White Gold Fluted Bezel Two-tone Jubilee Bracelet

Per the subject line, this is what I’m looking for specifically. I’ve done my homework and know what I want That said, I am a middle-aged woman who recently lost everything – husband, job, house, and health. After 3 years and now stable, I am wanting this watch very badly which I deserve! I have far less than $100 to spend and have seen these watches for about $80 on the net which apparently aren’t real. Am I in fantasy land to actually think I can get this replica watch used for $80?

Thank you so much for your time and this website!!

I received an email from the customer

I am not the expert in the pricing of Rolex replica watches but do have a pretty good feel for the overall replica market. I looked at the current model on the replica Rolex website and didn’t even see what you said for $80. So, either you are a website without credibility, or you may have seen a low-quality copy.

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