This is how you choose the right replica watch for your wrist

One size fits all? Not entirely, we all have a different construction. Not only clothing should match your physique, but also a replica watch. Not everyone gets away with putting a clock-sized watch on his wrist.

A replica watch is an extension of your personality and style. Make sure you go for a replica watch that suits you. Especially when you invest a lot of money in a watch. Consider the size of your wrist. This is very important when choosing a fake watch. Do you have a thin wrist? Do not go for a too large dial and vice versa.

Know How to Find Your Right Replica Watch Size

With the changing times of how people purchase luxury fake watches, especially now that people are buying more and more online, it’s even more important that you know your wrist size so you can navigate the replica watch buying process knowledgeably and efficiently.

Thin Wrist

If you have thin wrists, it is best to choose a smaller model. Go for a diameter of 34mm. In addition to the fact that a watch that is too big is not a sight, wearing it is not comfortable at all. Say honestly, when you invest in such a beautiful product, it must be comfortable.

Slim wrist

This wrist is a bit more robust than the thin wrist but slightly smaller than average. Go for a watch with a diameter of 38-40mm. Keep the thickness around 7-8 mm. When you go for a bigger one than this, this immediately attracts attention and not in a good way. Choose the strap for a leather strap or a Milan band. These are slimmer and fit well with a slim or thin wrist.

Average pulse

Although an average wrist has the most choice and could possibly get away with a large or small clock, there are still guidelines when choosing the perfect men’s replica watch. Therefore go for a clock with a size of 40mm. For the band, the choice is yours, this is the luck of an average wrist. However, do not forget less is more!

Thicker wrist

Just as a thin wrist should not go for a large model, a thicker wrist should not go for a thin model. Therefore choose a watch with a diameter of 42mm. The strap may also be warmer. Keep it classy. The time of large bling bling clocks has already passed. Moreover, a little expert will immediately see when you have a watch that has invested. A shrieking clock is really not necessary for that.

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