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Replica watches should be two things: as close as possible to the original and a fairly priced. Our Replica Magic come at affordable prices so that you, as our client, can benefit from having a fine watch without it being overpriced. Browsing through our replica collection you won’t find a single overpriced item. We believe in offering prices directly proportional to the quality of our products.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship

Our goal, here at, is to provide the best replica watches our customers can find on the market. We offer a diverse collection of high-end brands and a variety of models to satisfy any preference and taste.

We strive in delivering quality products and we continuously work to improve, so that our clients will have the best shopping experience while finding their Replica Magic.

  • Next Level Customer Service

We, at know how important is to have questions answered and receive reassurance. That is why, for our clients to know that they are buying some great replica watches, we are here to answer any question. Feedback is also much appreciated for us to continue improving your shopping experience.

So, feel free to contact us if you have any doubt about your future Replica Magic.

  • We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

We put our customer first. That is why their satisfaction is highly important to us. In order to get it, we are offering an easy and honest return policy, great assistance when it comes to customer support and, last, but not least, high-quality replica watches.

  • Express Shipping Worldwide

We want you the get your replica watches in no time, anywhere on the globe. The express shipping offered by will meet your demand to have your most desired model whenever you need and wherever you are.

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  1. New to this site and absolutely love it.

    1. I ordered a rolex-datejust-mens-automatic-45-x-37-mm-stainless-steel-bezel, AWESOME rolex watch, THANKS!!!!

    2. I just ordered a Watch from this website and I have a order number but I can check my order status , how can i check?

      1. We will send you an email.

  2. Great watch in my eyes!

  3. Hello your payment options are 1. Credit Card or Debit card 2. Western Union 3. PayPal. Now, you are telling me that PayPal does not tolerate paying for Replica watches and banned it. I really like your prices, very affordable and according to you, you only sell Replica Watches in AAA, 1:1 in original quality and I believe you. Why don't you try Payoneer, this Company has been around for so long already. Just my suggestion because i have used their Quality Services earlier to pay for another Replica Watch from another Company. Thanks.

  4. Cannot get through to customer service, anyone experience this ?

    Have placed order, paid for it but the order status shows cancelled.

    Any help would be appreciated

    1. Our sales staff will contact you.
      Your payment has been confirmed to be received.

  5. I would like to buy one of your Rolex watches. How long will it take to ship to the United States. I've tried to order from a competitor in China. But my payment says pending after 3 days. I was thinking about cancelling my order through them and ordering through you. How fast can I expect a delivery?
    Thank you

    1. Hello, shipping to the United States, DHL only takes 3-5 days. Please contact us when making payment. thank you very much!

  6. Are they water proof

    1. Please note that replica watches are not waterproof. No fake watch is or will ever be waterproof. Keep this in mind and do not even think about exposing your replica watch to water!

  7. Do your watches come with the replica brand cases and tags?

  8. It would be helpful to have a search option for watches with quartz movements. I would like to buy a women’s Rolex but only want a quartz movement. Do you have any? Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comments

      1. Dobrý den kdy hodinky dorazí do české republiky ?

        1. we will shipping it after five days after paid and the shipping time is 15-20 days  

    2. Thanks for your letter consultation, you can provide product links or detailed pictures (and your needs, quartz function, mechanical function) we help you find

  9. Hi this is Richard I wish you would contact me at 585-981-0803 this is in reference to a order I did and I have not received my watch

    1. Order #19151
      Your order has not been paid. Please contact your bank or Western Union for payment.

  10. You say it only takes three days for an hour to get to the states my order was placed over two weeks ago supposed to been sent out this past Monday on the 15th when I track it it still says it’s where it was and I’ve never left China or Hong Kong which ever is this just a big scam site ! Henry

  11. I purchased a watch and haven’t received it nor got a confirmation email but the money has come out of my account. I can’t find on the website how to track my order. Can someone please assist?

  12. Hi, my order is 20128, could you tell me when Can I receive it. Thanks

  13. My order 22388 is still saying pending but you took the money when should I expect delivery

    1. It takes time for us to dock with the bank. Please give me time. You will soon receive an email from our professional customer service. Please rest assured that your money

  14. how can I get a discount coupon


    2. How do I get a discount coupon

      1. pay by western union or bitcoin has 10% discount

      2. pay by western union and bitcoin has 10% discount

      3. pay by western union bitcoin moneygram has 10% discount

  15. Very quick shipment, luxury designed, I love it! AAA+++

  16. Hi All,

    Submitted purchase for BLUE DIAL GOLD SUBMARINER 116618LB AUTOMATIC please update me to the status.


  17. I ordered a watch last week how do I see order status? How long till I get my watch in Virginia USA never got a confirmation or email?

  18. Starting to love this company.

  19. I ordered on the 7th of September (this month) and I am looking for an expected time for my shipment to arrive. Please help

  20. Is the returns free?

    1. Please contact our online customer service

  21. Please reverse order 42243 back to my account

    1. already refund ,it need 8-30 work days to return back to your card

  22. Hello, I would like to purchase 116334 and I have left many emails with no reply. I would simply like a picture of the actual watch I want to purchase before I buy it. Rick

  23. I would like to buy one of those watches. I would like to ask how long would it take for my order to arrive to my address in Switzerland?

    Thank you very much in advance,

    Hoping in a quick and helpful response.

    Kind regards,

    1. about 25days.

  24. When will I get an email confirmation for my order

    1. After payment, we will email you within one working day.

  25. how long to uk

  26. itis baseless

  27. Does it have the 3135 movement like a real Rolex?

    1. Yes, of course. Every detail likes real Rolex.

  28. You send always with DHL? And how many days shipping in Cyprus and Greece?

    1. You can choose DHL or EMS by yourself, of course, DHL is faster. Generally speaking, DHL will take 3 ~ 5 days, and EMS will take 7 ~ 15 days to your country.

  29. Can I have a discount on my large order and how long will it take to deliver to the Uk?

    Thanks, Terry

    1. yes, use western union to pay, we will give u a discount, and our shipping time now is 35-45days.

  30. i'm considering using a different website to purchase 2 watches. They offer very similar pricing but if you purchase 2 watches, you receive free shipping. This makes your offer higher than theirs. Also, my credit card is getting declined on their website so they're sending me a link to purchase it off paypal. Can you do this? If so, how do we get it started? What's the lead time to receive the order in to the USA?

    1. sorry, we cannot use paypal now, our shipping time now is 20-35days,

  31. Great service and a beautiful watch.
    Very fast shipping,
    I will be back soon.

  32. I see several Daytona’s listed with different prices? Is there a difference in quality? Also, will I be called out when a friend or family member see it up close? Thanks

  33. I have seen good and poor quartz movements used in watches before...what is the quality of the quartz movements being used in the Omega DSotM? How long do these quartz last and have they been returned because of quartz movement issues?

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