1. Hello, I'm new here and while checking out your website i saw Blog page that mentioned something about discounts & Promo codes but didnt really seem any listed?
    Are these sent in form of email after signing up?

    1. Discount on Facebook, or update your shopping cart with the discount code replicamagic.

    2. hello
      thank you for your letter
      pls contact us by this email [email protected]
      thank you
      best regards

    3. hello
      thank you for your letter ,pls contact us by this email [email protected]
      best regards

  2. Hi, could someone get back to me regarding order number 18050 please.

    Alan Hlavaty

    1. Our sales staff will contact you.
      Your payment has been confirmed to be received.

  3. Waiting to hear from someone regarding my order. #18370...
    My bank says the payment has been processed. I sent an email, but haven’t heard back yet.
    I’m excited to get my new watch, though! :)

    1. hello
      your order 18370 pay success
      we have already shipping the watch
      the tracking number is EV831266521CN
      and the courier company is EMS
      best regards
      [email protected]

      1. Hi I'm thinking of buying a watch is it safe to do so with these and did you get yours

    2. Did you receive your watch? If so was you happy with the watch?

      1. IF U are not happy with the watch , we will resend or refund,so pls don't worry.

  4. How do I check my order# 4563189924xxxxxxxx
    Thank you
    Roy Jones
    [email protected]

    1. Hello, we check and reply to your email.
      This is our contact information
      [email protected]

  5. Can someone please email me the shipping progress on my order? I’ve sent emails but still no response.
    Tracy Shaffner

    1. [email protected]
      This is our mailbox
      Please provide (order number). We arrange inspection
      best regards

  6. With reference to your Rolex Daytona:
    1. Is it mechanical or Quartz?
    2. Do the sub-dials and/or stopwatch functions work?
    Thank you

    1. Hello
      Thanks for your letter
      Please provide a detailed product link (or more images). We will reply you in detail after we see it. we can send more real pictures of your watch to your mailbox.
      Contact us: [email protected]

  7. Hi, could somebody provide me with a tracking number for order (456318925105277573)? Tried email but didn’t get response. Thanks

    1. Tracking number EMS: EV826479016CN
      This link is useful to you
      If you have any questions, please leave a message here. I will handle it for you. Thank you

    2. EMS:EV826479016CN
      The parcel has been signed, please check

  8. Hello
    My order number is 18781.
    I want to know what’s the status on my order.
    I saw the transaction of payment has been occurred thru my credit card .

    1. hello sorry for the late reply.
      order:18781 Payment Success!
      Tracking number EMS:EV826479033CN
      If you have any questions about your watch, please contact: [email protected]

  9. With reference to your Rolex Daytona:
    1. Is it mechanical or Quartz?
    2. Do the sub-dials and/or stopwatch functions work?
    Thank you

  10. Rolex Daytona I received yesterday quit running the next.morning. Are these shipped with new batteries. What am I suppose to do with it

  11. Okay this is getting ridiculous, I order a watch almost 4 weeks ago and still have not received it. I have been given two different shipping numbers but the same thing for both numbers, just says the item has been processed and that is it. Can someone please give me a straight answer on the status of the watch or I need my money back. Order number 18788

    1. Sorry, please give me some patience. We are always working.

  12. Excellent service and good quality products. I ordered three Rolex watches and they were delivered within 10 days and are of very good quality. I have used other suppliers but would definitely use this company again.

  13. Be careful with this vendor. I bought 2 watches in July 2018 from this site. Received it in the envelope not completely protecting the watch almost 6 weeks later. Needless to say the watches were not working. I discussed my concerns and despite their reluctance they asked me to send them back and they would refund me. I spend $50 to send the watches back with registered mailed which were appropriately packaged and can be tracked. It has been 3 months despite my multiple requests they have not refund my money. I am going to report this vendor to Google.

  14. magnificent points altogether, you simply won a new reader.
    What may you recommend in regards to your submit that
    you simply made a few days ago? Any sure?

  15. can you tell me if my order went thur that i placed
    on Wednesday?

    1. Please wait
      Keep an eye on your mailbox

  16. I placed an order this weekend. And I have not received an email conformation. thank you.
    Julie Howard

    1. Please wait
      Keep an eye on your mailbox

  17. My email is [email protected] and payment is processed on my credit card but your site says pending. When will I get tracking details?

    1. Your payment has been received. The tracking number will be sent to your mailbox

  18. Hi I'm about to make the purchase of a Rolex Datejust I'm new on the page wanted to know if the weight and quality of the watch are similar to the original rolex and if its a replica AAA
    Can you send that information to My email? Its: [email protected]

    1. Did you ever order? How was it?

  19. You took my money for order #22388 and its saying my order is still pending how do I track my order

    1. It takes time for us to dock with the bank. Please give me time. You will soon receive an email from our professional customer service. Please rest assured that your money

  20. My credit card was billed but you do not show any order when I check my dashboard, whats up?

  21. Transaction occurred five days ago. The credit card was billed and the money taken. Yet, there is no email confirmation, no sign that your company will fulfill on its agreement made in the transaction to ship the ordered watch. No communication whatsoever. Care to explain?

    1. It takes time for us to dock with the bank. Please give me time. You will soon receive an email from our professional customer service. Please rest assured that your money

      1. Very light. Clear easy to read display. Useful practical tool but stylish enough to wear to work or play.

    2. Hello, please provide the order number, we will be able to check quickly

  22. items came quickly, great!

  23. I need information about my order 456318112854161651

  24. Can you see where my order is #22362 it was processed and still no reply from you

    1. Ok. Our customer service staff has contacted you by e-mail.

  25. I ordered this replica watch for my daughter and I am sure she will like it. I would just like to point out to those who read reviews, that you may want to take the time out to read the measurements of items, it is unfair to give poor ratings because you think something is too big when the dimensions are clearly stated for you.

  26. good...AAAA

  27. i think its good...

  28. Thank you! :) nice deal, smooth transaction.i like them.

    1. What did you order?

      1. I think you can buy a watch that suits your style according to your needs.

  29. I've placed an order and I was charged for it. love it. will come back for more.

  30. Nice products. I would buy from this seller again.

  31. Received the order today very satisfied, thank you.

  32. fine dealer

  33. Awsome watch

  34. Im placed a order and i havent received any information on my purchase regarding its status or arrival date order #23477

    1. did you hear anything yet. and is it worth it ?

  35. Has any one even received a watch from this company? AAAAAAAa+++++++++ reliable seller, fast shipping great service

  36. I have received charges for order #23960 successfully placed on 1-10-19. I have also paid my credit card for this charges, but I still have not gotten any email confirmation of my watch. ReplicaMagic still has the order as pending payment on login on the web site. Can someone find out what the STATUS OF ORDER #23960 is? I have sent ReplicaMagic emails about this order, but they don’t respond. I hope to hear from your company soon! I hope you all don’t force me to call my credit card so they can recover the charges due to no delivery on your behalf.

  37. had a question, is the currency in your website in US dollars???

  38. what currency is this?

  39. Great, thanks a lot. 5*

  40. Is there anyway I can pay extra to have my order rush shipped? This is a gift and i am worried I will not have it on time. please let me know.

  41. Hi, I'm interested to buy the TAG HEUER CARRERA CALIBRE 16 DAY DATE AUTOMATIC SILVER. In the order web page its indicated that cost of product is $188 and shipping cost is $21.88, total $209.88 (I'm asume that's US dollars, right?

    Regarding that I've following questions:

    - There is any additional extra cost (delivery or customs process - import duty, taxes, handling) to the final destination in Lima, Peru?

    - Which is the shipping company who deliver to Peru?

    - What is the total lead time to Peru (delivery and customs process)?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Our price is US dollars
      Transportation methods are mainly DHL and EMS
      How long does it take to transport, you better contact online customer service
      Thank you

  42. Hello,

    I really like the replica watches. I've only worn it a few times but it is very comfortable and allows me to wear plaid just about whenever I want to.

  43. Hello, still haven’t received anything concerning my shipment , my order was processed, i’ve sent many mails and still no answer.
    Merchant Order No. : 29539
    Order No. : 4563195127424368071

    1. Thank you for your time, yes, we have received your payment. Receive the latest news of your order later

    2. Hi, I am looking at purchasing from this vendor. Have you recieved your order yet and are you satisfied with your purchase?

  44. Hi_ how soon will I receive it ? Thanks

    1. Thank you for your time, please contact our website online customer service to provide your order number

  45. Hello I am trying to get some information on an order I placed on Tuesday, my order number is 30260... I really would like some idea on when my order will ship

  46. It was actually better looking then I had expected. Excellent buy

  47. Hi, I ordered a watch on June 3rd and sent payment by Western Union which you all received the same day. My order has not been taken off hold and I have had no further information on when it will be shipped. I am very concerned because I have attempted three times to get a hold of customer service and have gotten no reply. I would like my watch or my money back.
    Order #: 30510
    Please get back to me asap, I would appreciate it.

    1. Hi Your order has been sent Please check your email
      Thank you

  48. I received the Rolex GMT Master II in a very orderly manner.
    Thank you for being so prompt as specified. I will buy with replicamagic again.

  49. Hello. I am looking at purchasing 2 watches. The blog shows a promo code of replicamagic but when I try to apply it, it says the limit has been reached. Are you running any new promos? Thank you

  50. This site is 100% legit and trustworthy. I bought the Men's Rolex Submariner Date 116613LB Two-Tone, and I absolutely LOVE it. It has the same weight and time functions of a real Rolex. This Rolex would cost $13,000 for a real one, and I only paid less than $200. I received excellent customer service, and my beautiful watch was delivered before the 10 days they quoted me on shipping time. I am a happy customer, and I will definitely shop again. Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

  51. Hi! Do you take PayPal? I have funds in my PayPal account via Ebay?
    Please let m,e know. Thanks!

    1. Did they take PayPal when you asked?

      1. we cannot use paypal now,

  52. Placed an order and paid (#31841). My credit card was charged, now i'm glad my watch on the road.

  53. I placed Order #33183 yesterday and for some reason I got an email from my credit card company that the payment was declined. Please process the payment again using the same credit card information and email me that it was approved. Thank you.

    1. Hello, your order #33183
      please contact the issuing bank to authorize the re -issuance. If you have contact the bank, please tell me .Thank you!

  54. The 30th of July I bought a watch and today (6 th of August) my watch have been send to another person (PHOENIX, AZ - ALBUQUERQUE - USA) and I live in Spain.
    Now I'm trying resolve the incident with the contact person, but he doesn't try help me, he doesn't resolve me the issue and still without any information. Now I have to wait until the other person recives my watch. And I have to supose that he is going to return it to Hong Kong, so they can send it to me again.
    The normal way of it would be to send me inmediatly another watch like the one I have buy, so I dont have to wait months.

  55. Why aren’t my payments going through?

  56. I thought at first I got ripped off. I was wrong! The watch came and it is awsome. I live in USA Wisconsin and it came as advertised time wise. I definatley will be buying more.

    James Leipski
    Racine Wisconsin

    1. Tell me about the product. Is this company legit?

    2. Hi James!

      How long did it take for you to get your watch?
      I’m an interested consumer.
      Thank you for your feedback.

      1. we will shipping it after five days after paid and the shipping time is 15-20 days  

  57. Looking for a shipping update on order # 35766

    I received confirmation that you have the order, but
    I have not been notified if it shipped or any tracking info

  58. Is this the same company as replica or

  59. I am wondering when I will get my tracking number. The order number is #36874. I have gotten an email saying it's been processed. How long will it take to reach Canada?

  60. Are the prices listed in US dollars? I want to know how much I am paying for my order.

  61. Hi there, can someone please help me with my order that I’m trying to place. Your website keeps saying declined but I have sufficient funds in my account. Order number is 38400

    1. I askes about the legitimacy of this company and my question was erased from the blog page

  62. fast dispatch, i got it.

  63. I am seriously considering purchasing one or more of these watches. My concern is if this company is legit? And do they deliver with there products once they are paid. How good quality their watches are? And can only expert tell the difference?

  64. I'm looking for an excellent quality all gold yacht master with a pearl face with either Sapphire or ruby and diamond markers and has a SWISS movement. Can you help


    1. Can I help you?

      1. Hi Anne,
        How long does it typically take for someone to receive a watch?

        Thank you!

        1. we will shipping it after five days after paid and the shipping time is 15-20 days  

  66. Hi

    i bought 3 watches from you last 3 years, actuality i faced problem with waterproofing, how can you guarantee this issue ,

    1. you can add waterproof equipment to the watch ,you can send the watch link about which watch you want to buy to this email [email protected],we will check whether it can add waterproof equipment

    2. each water do not waterproof ,if you want to waterproof ,it need extra money to do that

  67. Hi what is the tracking number and how can I check my product shipping process . My order number is 456319112421494460186.

    1. EA925158993CN this is the tracking number and the courier company is EMS
      after receive the watch ,if it has any problem ,you can contact us ,thanks
      best regards

    2. EA925158993CN this is the tracking number and the courier company is EMS
      after receive the watch ,if it has any problem ,you can contact us ,thanks

  68. so sorry we do not accept paypal
    You can try to pay in the following ways:
    1.Visa card
    2. Master card
    3. JCB
    4. American Express card
    5. Western Union(10% discount)
    6.moneygram (10% discount )
    8. alipay
    Best blessing

  69. so how long is the shipping process? I just ordered today!

    1. DHL will take 3-5 days and EMS will take 7-15 days.

  70. hello I would like to buy this watch, but I would like to know if it is the same size as the real ROLEX? and the identical weight ?
    on your site I see only one picture of this watch, is it possible to have more photos of this replica, in front of, behind, the sides, .. ??
    thank you

    rand Rolex
    Range Daytona
    Model 116523
    Gender Mens
    Movement Automatic
    Case Size 40 MM
    Case Material 316 Grade Stainless Steel
    Bracelet Material 316 Grade Stainless Steel (OysterLock)
    Dial Type White

  71. Customer service is great. West union. They will get back to you soon. Anyone get thier watch??

  72. I like to buy your watch however I can see many, many confused and unsatisfied customers.

    1. I can not speak for everyone, ZZ. I my self am happy with my purchase. I ordered on the 24th of DEC and received my date just 2 on the 4th of JAN. Tracking number did not work, but the email that they send you asks to please be patient. They also provide pictures of the exact watch that you ordered along with shipping label. I'm pretty happy with them and the product. pretty damn good quality. i think as far as quality goes only one place has them beat (istanbul Bizarre) and that is saying a lot.

  73. I am really enjoying the theme/design of your website.

    by the way, their replica watch is good.

  74. I had placed an order in late October and apparently it got lost in the mail. I was disappointed but contacted customer service and they sent me a new one. Although it took a while to get it was worth it!!! I was worried after seeing reviews at first but the Omega I received is amazing!! Can’t wait to make my next purchase. I guess good things come to those who wait. Thank you Replicamagic for the excellent watch and great customer service!!

  75. I got my watch and I love it so much. It only took 7-10 days but its beautiful thanks guys

  76. These guys are legitimate business
    I can say at first it took awhile but I got my watch and boy was I satisfied I'm telling everyone that this company it real as Amazon prime and that's a fact

  77. Do you guys ship to Canada

  78. My order number is 47915 ,I am looking forward to my watch.

  79. I’m getting all the information I can after I come at them.

  80. can you give me a time for my shipment the order number is 45835

  81. Can you tell me how to pay?

  82. Hi. I want to know when I will recieve my order?

    1. Shipping time usually takes one week,tks.

  83. my order #49451 , money was taken out of my credit card, when do i get a confirmation and a tracking number?

    1. hi, please reply

      1. Trying to call, no answer???

  84. I made a purchase and i recieved an email showing my order has the following# 4563201311781577653, but still I have no idea about the traking shipment # or any other details :(.
    Please advice

    1. i guess we have to wait until Feb 10th , this is when the Chinese new year holidays ends

      1. Yes may be u are right, but Today Its february 11 and still no any update

        1. send them another e mail, they replied to me yesterday through my e mail.

        2. HI, they just e mailed me back, the delay is because of their spring holiday, so they are having backlogs of orders, and to submit all orders , they need 5 more days, so expect communication by Feb 20th.

  85. If I could only explain the professionalism of this business i Would. But it would take way to long. Let’s just say I’m utterly shocked when I received my watch. i like it,tks.

  86. you can buy from these people.Watch recieved,looks good.

  87. Hi I made an order bit till now no answer or email notification . Please can you reply to tell me what’s going on

    1. Sorry. We were in the Spring Festival holiday.

  88. You can do business with this company My order stayed in processing for days because of Chinese holiday, but they gave me an email to explain it.I completed understand.tks...

  89. This is true, they will email me right away.

  90. too many promises, good service, my order has shipped .tks.

  91. this is site in business?

    1. Yes. has been in business.

  92. they responded with tracking number and a photo of my items, they said i have to wait another few days until i get the watches.

  93. Hi there, please ensure with me that this company is legit, safe, trusted and will ship me the product of my choice and not rip me off and steal money from me. Obviously this is my biggest concern and I definitely need some reassurance that none of the above will occur. All I want at the end of the day is a nice watch from this company, but that will only happen if I am assured by service or an employee of the company responding to this and giving me details regarding this question of mine.

    1. yes, you can trust us.

  94. this company is a con job.. dont buy anything of them.. i ordered a rolex watch.. watch arrived but does not even work... sent numerous emails.. they have not replied to any.. do not buy anything of them... colin cowie.. new zealand..

    1. why no answer? we will answer every email. if u really buy it and have some problems for sure, we will deal with it until you satisfied, pls don't bring shame on us. contact us, i will solve for you.

  95. thrown watch in rubbish .. where its belongs.. ordered rolex watch.. does not even work.. they wont reply to emails.. these guys are con men.. dont buy anything of them..

    1. we are not fraud.

  96. Are these prices on your site in Euros?

    1. it is USD.


  98. I purchased a Rolex watch, I also ordered a Rolex box, what was shown on the site is a green box with certificate and Rolex card. What I received was the same thing. I wish I could upload the beautiful pictures of the watch and the box I received.

  99. nice watches..
    Watch is one of the fashion accessories which never goes out of style. In today’s world, watches are an important accessory for a working lady. But, nowadays the watch has become a popular fashion accessory as it ever was. There are many famous and well-known stores available which have collections of women’s watches.

  100. Bullshit Scam operation that takes your money and never ships!!!!!!

    1. you refuse the payment, of course no ship

  101. Scam operation that takes your money and never ships!!!!!!

    1. you never buy our watch, of course no ship for u.

  102. I was inquiring about an order I placed on April 23, 2020, my order #55612, and it's status. Any assistance you could lend would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Your order should be in transit. You can make inquiries based on the voyage we sent you via email.

  103. I'd love to purchase one of your watches. Unfortunately the way you have them listed ($138,00) is not a valid number here in the US. If it were $138.00 then I could do it. Any advice?

    1. It is possible to place a normal order for $138,00. $138,00 and $138.00 are the same at $138.

  104. hello do you have any promo codes at the moment please

    1. only use western union to pay can get 10% off.

  105. I am interested in the CLASSIC OMEGA SPEEDMASTER MOON WATCH 3570.50.00 BLACK watch. What is the final price, how can I pay it and how long does it take to get to Spain?

    1. The final price paid is the price of the watch plus shipping. You can pay by credit card. Because of COVID-19 it takes 20-30 days to get to Spain.

  106. I live in Texas, how long will it take to receive my watch if I order it tomorrow?

    1. in 15-25days,

  107. I was told that the watch I recently ordered does not come with a wrist strap ... is this true? Order #66732. Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Don't worry, each replica watch comes with one strap.

  108. Not sure if Replica Magic can be trusted again.
    Bought a White Dial Ladies Rolex and got a Silver Dial. My daughter was fine with it but prefer the white dial as ordered.
    And bought an Omega Spectre Limited Edition at the same time, but got an older Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Luckily, I did a Credit Chargeback and Replica Magic offered a USD 60.00, which is the ReplicaMagic coupon discount of about USD 30 and part of courier fees. Had no choice but to accept.
    But Replica Magic Customer Service are quite blatant on what they can do as you are overseas.
    If no problem, then no issue. Some of advertised products are not available and they will sent whatever they have and you are basically stuck with it.
    But the watches are pretty good, just that you might get what you ordered.

  109. You might NOT get what you ordered.

  110. Hello,

    When will you send my order? I hope I get the model I payed for.
    Trade Id: tr_45630627s16EcE59a8
    Order No: magic-69914

    Best regards Robel

  111. Hi
    Need to know and update on my order
    Trade Id: tr_4563073120d6FDKc94
    Order No: magic-70500
    Order date: 2021-07-31 21:09:01

  112. Where is my order? It charged my card but I have not been sent any tracking information. I hope this is not a scam.

    Trade Id: tr_4563082054k8f3BCVS
    Order No: magic-70777

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