Replica Watch Size Guide For Men And Ladies In ReplicaMagicWatch

Replica Watch Size Guide For Men And Ladies In ReplicaMagicWatch

Many friends often struggle with watch size when buying watches. Of course, experienced watch buyers already know very well what size watch their wrist fits. So this article is for new buyers who are about to buy watches. When choosing a watch, it is necessary to consider not only the size of the wrist, but also the overall degree of matching between the size of the dial and the thickness of the wearer’s wrist. Only in this way can you choose a replica watch that suits you best.

First Step, Measuring The Circumference Of The Wrist

Second Step, Reference Data

  • For some thin girls, their wrists are often very slim. The measured wrist circumference may be less than 12cm. So these cute girls should choose some small size replica watches. Generally, watches below 30MM will be more suitable.
  • The wrist circumference of most girls is generally between 13cm and 15cm. At this time, they should choose some larger watches. 31mm ~ 38mm watches are most suitable for them. These replica watches are small and easy to wear, and the reading time is also clearer.
  • The circumference of the wrist of some women or men with thinner wrists is generally maintained at around 16cm. Therefore, the demand for watch diameter will be greater. They can set the range to 38-39mm watches.
  • The men’s wrist circumference is generally around 17 to 18 cm. Therefore, it is most suitable for men to choose a watch with a size of 40 to 43 mm. And the wrist of 17-18CM has the most suitable ratio, so the replica watch types in this range are also the most.
  • If your wrist circumference is 19cm or more, then a watch around 40mm can no longer match the circumference of your wrist. So you need a watch with a size between 44 and 45mm. These big watches can not only help you check the time, but also modify your wrist. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.
  • We also often see some friends’ wrist circumference reaching more than 20cm. At this time, the real large size watch should be your choice. Try to choose a replica watch over 46mm, they can make you look masculine, and it won’t look strange.

The choice of replica watch size depends not only on your wrist, but also on your interest. But if you just want to buy an everyday watch, then you must choose a watch whose case will not exceed the edge of your wrist. Think of your wrist as a plate. If the food on the plate overflows, the food and the plate will not look good. Finally, I hope you can choose the replica watches that suit you best in the store.